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Now that it is November, countless people are looking forward to Black Friday to score some of the most amazing deals on items they need or want. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some physical stores have closed shop temporarily or permanently. However, with plenty of businesses transitioning to e-commerce, there are still plenty of sale events to watch out for.

If you are in search of baseball deals this coming Black Friday, you are in for a treat as several vendors will be offering a huge discount on their select products. Furthermore, there are sales that extend up to Cyber Monday. Check out the list of sites that offer Black Friday deals we have compiled for you below.

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What to Expect for 2024 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Baseball Bat Deals

Because of the aforementioned pandemic, you can probably expect better deals than ever. This is because some businesses were hard hit by the quarantine and lockdown and need to stay alive by cutting the price of their products and services. This is the best time to get your desired baseball bats for cheap. You could also save on money because several, if not all, websites offer free shipping services.

Another thing to anticipate is that some deals are available only on Black Friday, with some only on Cyber Monday. Thus, you have to keep track of the sales on both days. Of course, some companies or businesses have deals that go through the weekend and even beyond Cyber Monday.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Baseball Deals

Below are some of the deals, divided into different categories, that you might want to check out. Most of them come with free shipping and return.

Black Friday Baseball Bats: Deals and Discounts

Cheap baseball bats that are of good quality and provided a high level of performance can be a little hard to come by. However, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, several sites offer discounted bats that can level up your performance in practice or a baseball game.


For the past years, the multinational company has provided good value from their Black Friday baseball deals, particularly bats. They even offer free shipping on select products. The website already has a Black Friday landing page, in which you would just have to search the baseball equipment or accessory you are looking for.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

The sporting goods retail company is a great example of a store that has taken advantage of all the benefits the e-commerce industry provides. The company has always been a renowned source of baseball bat discount deals every year. Its Black Friday deals page also has a user-friendly search menu, from where you can sort all the available brands from their inventory. The company also sells 2024 bat models.


While not having a wide collection of baseball bats and other equipment, Walmart is still known for its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It is still worth your time to check out its Black Friday baseball deals.

Just Bats

The 20-year-old online sporting goods retailer has regularly offered Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for a great discount. Baseball bat deals that the company offers are sorted according to the bat certifications or types on its Black Friday landing page. Just Bat coupons are also up for sale for those who plan on giving them as a gift.

Baseball Express

Another online retailer that has begun its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is Baseball Express. Its marked down products, which include baseball bats as well as other equipment and accessories, are already listed on its Black Friday deals page. The items also come with free shipping and returns.

Baseball Gloves: Deals and Discounts

If you are looking for the cheapest baseball glove, this is the best time to buy one. Some of the sites, including Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Baseball Express, listed above also have on sale cheap gloves — both baseball gloves and batting gloves.

There are a couple of websites that also allow pre-Black Friday orders and baseball glove clearance events where you can also purchase inexpensive gloves.

Other websites that will offer the cheapest baseball gloves on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the following.


One of the best glove manufacturers also participates in the Black Friday sales. Some of the models available on its Black Friday page can be had for up to 25% discount before the event. In years past, customers were able to save up to 70% off on select inventories during the Black Friday weekend.

Just Gloves

The counterpart of Just Bats for gloves, the website has a wide selection of brands on its Black Friday landing page. You can also shop by choosing one of the different categories, including catcher, fielder, first base, fastpitch, and slow pitch.

Baseball Cleats: Deals and Discounts

If you are planning to buy new baseball cleats or replace your old pair, this season would be the most ideal time to do it. Some websites that have a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal for cleats are the following.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

The retailer has numerous choices for bargain hunters in its Black Friday deals page. You can easily search for the brand and size of your preference in the search menu. You can opt for shipping or pick up the item of your choice yourself.

Baseball Savings

While its choices are not as diverse as those of Dick’s Sporting Goods, there are still plenty of options to select from in Baseball Savings’ Black Friday sale. Be sure to check out their limited price drops as well, wherein you can get cleats at a discounted price even before Black Friday.

Baseball Equipment and Gear: Deals and Discounts

Compared to the other categories above, looking for great deals or discounts on baseball equipment and gears would require a deeper or more extensive search. The e-commerce websites you could check out include Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Walmart.

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