Did you know that kids who play either baseball or softball are more likely to live longer and have fewer health issues? In fact, the study even shows that these kids attend college seriously and avoid substance abuse.

Yes, you heard it right! Isn’t that amazing?

Well, hello there! I am Danny. I have an incredible passion for both baseball and softball. It is my goal to help others have the best experience with these sports; especially when it comes to choosing the best baseball or softball product for you.

I know how the whole process of searching for the right equipment can be very overwhelming. There is a lot of terrific-looking equipment, all of them revealing great claims – making it just too difficult to come up with a wise selection.

Which among the sea of gloves has the best fit?

Which bat will you get the most out of?

Will all these equipment fit all into your budget?

These are just a few of the questions that I will help you with. I will also be sharing some tips so you can develop your skills and love for the game.

Now, why am I encouraging you to play baseball and softball?

1. I want you to de-stress. Being involved with this game will allow you to develop your mental focus more, at the same time refresh your mind from daily distractions.

2. I want you to burn calories. I’m sure you’ll be impressed to know that an hour of playing baseball is enough to burn as much as 365 calories.

3. I want you to have strong arms. Throwing and catching the ball as well as swinging the baseball bat can be a great way to develop your arm strength and increase joint flexibility. The activity involves all the muscles in your arms, including your biceps, triceps and the muscles in your chest and shoulders.

4. I want you to have strong legs too. Of course, the sport involves so much running, squatting down and moving laterally which engages your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calf muscles

5. I want you to take an insufficient amount of Vitamin D. Baseball and softball are usually played outdoors, exposing you to sunlight which is the best natural source of Vitamin D.

Baseball and softball comes along with long-term health benefits and I want you to take advantage of it.

So, are you now ready to play and catch the ball? Let’s PlayBall!