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Frequently Asked Questions

We may love the game, but we certainly might not know everything! Check out these frequently ask questions with answers about baseball and understand the game better the next time you watch it!

1. What is a Plate Appearance?

baseball beginner faqs

You may see PA on the scorecard and know it stands for plate appearance, but basically what a plate appearance means is the number of times a player comes to the plate, or total turns on the plate that aren’t considered as “At-Bats”

2. What are singles, doubles, and triples?

Singles are when a batter hits and makes it to first base, while doubles are when the batter makes it to second base, and triples when a batter makes it straight to third base.

3. How far apart are the bases?

The distance between home plate to first base is 90 feet, from first to second, second to third, and third back to the home plate are all 90 feet apart.

4. How many players are on each team?

9 players out on the field, and 25 active members in a game, these do not include team members on the disabled list.

5. What is BB? 

BB stands for Base on Balls. This term is used to describe when a batter walks to first base due to 4 balls by the pitcher.

6. What is the distance between pitcher and batter?

60 feet and 6 inches between the pitcher’s mound and home plate.

7. What are the numbers I see in baseball plays? 

Each number signifies a player position. Have a closer look at the diagram below to see each number’s position on a field.

baseball defensive positions

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