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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re completely new to softball or just seem to have these basic questions lingering around in your head- don’t worry! You’re not alone! As you can see below, I’ve put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about softball along with the answers!

1. What’s the difference between slow pitch and fastpitch softball?

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Slowpitch softball is pitched slowly by starting underhand and throwing it into an arc. Slowpitch is mostly played in games that contain both men and women players, while fastpitch is mostly played in games with women players and pitched with a large pre-pitch windup and thrown quickly and straight.

Take a look at the picture below to get a better understanding:

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2. What’s the difference between softball and baseball?

There are five main differences between the two games:

  • ​Softball is pitched underhand, while Baseball is pitched overhand
  • Softball balls are softer, larger, and heavier than baseball balls.
  • Softball bats are usually shorter with wider barrels.
  • Softball fields are generally smaller than baseball fields
  • A game of softball lasts 7 innings, while baseball usually lasts for 9.

3. How many players are on a softball team?

Ten players is the minimum with the optimal number of players for each team being at 16 to 20 players. When fielding, only 10 members can play, but when batting, up to 20 can play.

4. What is a “force out”?

A force out is when a base runner is forced to run to the next base as there is nowhere else to go (i.e. When a base runner before you has already made it to your previous base), with a baseman already at your next base with the ball, ultimately resulting in your “forced” out.

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