How To Break In a New Baseball Glove

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You might purchase a baseball glove that is the perfect fit and is comfortable, but just like a pair of brand new shoes, it takes some “breaking into” to achieve optimum results when using it. 

If you’ve just gotten yourself a brand new baseball glove, you’ll probably want to be able to use it right away without the stiff feel. It takes time to “naturally” break into a glove with use over time. Luckily for you, there are quicker ways! 

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I’ve put together an article to show you how to break in a glove, so you can get out and use it to its best potential as soon as possible! Take note, these tips on how to break in a baseball glove are also the same techniques for how to break in a softball glove.

How To Break In a Baseball Glove Overnight

This method is one of the safest ways on how to break in a baseball glove fast. This shows you how to oil a baseball glove, and some baseball glove oil alternatives (since you might not have baseball glove oil). 

Also, if you’re looking for how to soften an old baseball glove, you can follow these same steps, but make sure to thoroughly clean your old glove first with the proper baseball glove cleaning solutions with cleaners like this.

There are break-in kits from baseball companies for this method, so if you have a bit of cash on you and are looking for a kit that has all your break in needs, check out this popular Rawlings kit.

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You Will Need:

Your Baseball Glove
Glove Oil or Conditioner
A Baseball
Large Rubber Bands
A Glove Mallet (optional)

Step One: Pick the right baseball glove oil. Oils, instead of conditioning creams work much better for this method. A cheaper alternative is baby oil, but a proper baseball glove oil would be best. Put the oil in a spray bottle and spray it all over the glove, if you don’t have a spray bottle, use a cloth to wipe the oil onto the glove.

Step Two: Fill a pot with water several inches below the rim. Boil the water in the pot, place the rack on top of the pot, and the glove on the rack. If possible, grab something like a large bowl to cover the glove so that it absorbs more of the steam. Steam it for 3 minutes. The glove should reach about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step Three: Turn off the heat, and let your glove absorb the rest of the steam. Remove your glove by using tongs as they can be hot. Dry your glove off.

Step Four: Fold your glove and hit it with a mallet on one side, then open it up and hit it in the desired sweet spot of your glove, where your pocket should be, and finish it off by folding again and hitting the opposite side of where you first hit your glove. You may do this 2-3 times while the glove is still warm.

How To Break In a Baseball Glove In The Oven / Microwave

In my honest opinion, I really wouldn’t recommend a baseball glove in the oven or the microwave baseball glove method. But if you need a quick break in, these are steps:

Oven Method

Step One: Rub glove foam treatment into your whole glove and set aside for a few minutes.

Step Two: Layout a cloth on an oven rack to place your glove on. Heat up the oven to 300  degrees Fahrenheit. Place your glove on the cloth for 3-4 minutes. Do not go past 4 minutes!

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Microwave Method

Step One: Put in the baseball glove in the microwave on moderate heat for no longer than  60 seconds or it will start to cook.

Step Two: Play catch while still warm or use a glove mallet to create the right pocket for you.

Final Thought

So there you have it, all the different ways to break in your baseball glove. Use these methods with precautions so you can enjoy your new baseball glove!

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