What are the rules of Blastball?

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What on EARTH is Blastball??

Blastball is basically baseball for kids. Everything is changed from rules to equipment to ensure the safest preparation for your 3 year old toddler or older to start building skills and an attitude towards baseball or you know, just to have fun with your child.

Round up the kids and enjoy a game of (almost) baseball. We’ve seen the injuries caused by baseball on even some of the greatest players in the world- and downsizing equipment just isn’t enough, not to mention a real baseball game requires certain techniques and skills that come with long term practice! So get your child started with minimal worries on your mind through this awesome game!

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Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important you know that blastball isn’t just good for fun and initial baseball world entry for your child. This game is a great way to teach kids values in sports; because getting along and sportsmanship is one of the best things a child could learn at a young age and this game will teach just that without the bore of a school’s values class. So what are the rules of blastball? Hold your horses, man! We still need to talk about the equipment!

Blastball Equipment

Everything is SOFT! No worries about a heavy steel bat or a hardball, this is what you’ll be needing:

  • Foam Blastball bat (most already come with a ball)
  • Blastball Tee
  • Foam Blastball balls
  • Home Plate
  • Blast base (baseball bases work just the same, but take note there is a special blast base that makes a loud honking sound the kids love when stepped on)
  • Chalk spray (for marking lines)
  • Marking Cones (optional)
blastball bat and base
Blastball Set

Alternatively, you can search for a complete blast ball set, which includes the special honking blast base, or you can get creative and make your own equipment! For more details, visit this page to find the right type of equipment and see our blastball product recommendations!

You can forget about gloves and protective gear because like I keep saying, and cannot stress enough: This game is much safer than baseball. Go ahead and click on the links in the list to check out what Amazon has to offer for each equipment needed, and remember: Just because it’s a game for kids, doesn’t mean you don’t have to take a look at the reviews before purchase, because you definitely don’t want to buy something that is going to break a few days out of the box… it may help to keep adults away from the equipment, because don’t deny it, we all get a little crazy sometimes.

Game Set Up

There are several ways you can set up depending on whether you’re using an actual baseball field or just a regular grassy field, but the same principles follow. Basically, if you’re using a baseball field, you’ll just have to rearrange a few things –well, everything except for the home base, go ahead and put away the 2nd and 3rd baseball bases, you won’t need those in this game.

Steps to setting up Blastball

  • Place the Tee at home base
  • Place one of the blastball bases 50 ft away from home blastball base.
  • 10 ft away, draw an arc connecting first and third baselines

If that wasn’t clear enough, read it again! Just kidding, take a look at this page with a diagram.

Blastball Gameplay

  • There are no outs
  • No scores are to be recorded
  • Each team usually holds 5-9 players, but this is something that can be changed (take note for bigger teams, this will take a lot longer)
  • In offense, each member gets an unlimited number of turns at the home plate until they hit a decent fair ball
  • In offense, per round, each member has their turn

Keep reading to see more blastball rules on how the offense and defense work for this game.

Offense Team Guide

No pitching needed from the defense team because you’ll have a Tee that the batters can hit the ball off. This is awesome for younger people because they are actually able to HIT the ball (unless your child is a baseball batting prodigy then completely forget what I just said and start pitching, homie!)

blastball rules
Image via: CityofDenton.com

Moves for each batter

  1. After hitting a fair ball, the player runs to the blastball base then returns to home plate (no 2nd or 3rd base, we need to keep this game rolling because Game of Thrones is on tonight, duh)
  2. Next batter comes up, and remember, every team member gets their turn and gets to keep trying until they make it!

Defense Team Guide

After all members of the offense team have had their shot, this is the only time the team switches. This allows for fair play and lets the less sporty kids have a great time. Justice for the less sporty kids!!!

“Justice for the less sporty kids!!!” – InningAce

Defense moves

  1. All members of the defense team must stay at least 40 feet away from home plate to allow for a little challenge.
  2. When the ball has been hit, defensive members try to catch the ball or field it.
  3. If the ball has been caught or fielded, the defense member must yell “Blast!”, but of course, it doesn’t count if the batter has already made it to first base.

Watch this video if you’d like to see a blast ball video of a blast ball game. (WARNING: Extremely cute!):

BlastBall Overview

Taking a look at this whole article, you’ll find that it’s pretty similar to a fusion of super safe T-ball and child friendly cricket, there being only one base. This is a great game for kids as young as three years old, or even younger if you have one of those little macho kids, but take precaution, and don’t get too excited to rev your child up for baseball, some people prefer to teach their little balls of love how to walk first!

Kidding aside, for children that don’t seem to be into sports, this is one that might make them reconsider since the whole offense team will be cheering each member on as they’re allowed as many hits as they need. It’s a great confidence boost and PE teachers in the younger departments should definitely consider squeezing blastball practice into kinder classes.

“Some people prefer to teach their little balls of love how to walk first” – InningAce

Take the Next Step

blastball game
Image via: leaysa.com

If you’re ready to take the next step in investing, come take a closer look at some blastball equipment that we talked about by clicking here, like the right blast ball bases and blastball ball.

You also might want to have a look at these cool blastball drills from blastball YMCA I found on the web to get the kids warmed up for a great blastball practice!

Now that you know the blastball rules and how to play blastball, it’s time to teach the kids! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, we would also love to hear any of your modified versions of this game!

So what are the rules of blastball game? Sportsmanship and tons of fun!

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