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The glove is an essential piece of equipment for baseball players – from the professional to the youth level. The right gloves can help increase your comfortability out in the field and help you perform better.

There are many types of gloves available that you can select from. There are gloves that are appropriate for right or left-handers. Some are also designed for specific player positions. The leathers used to create the gloves also differ. There are brands as well that offer customized baseball gloves. One such brand that is held in high esteem for its high-quality products is the Rico baseball glove.

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About Rico Sports

Rico was named so because the word means “rich” or “high quality” in Spanish or Italian. In line with the meaning of its name, the company is committed to delivering top quality sporting goods, including customized gloves for baseball, bats, leather conditioner, baseball jewelry, and more.

Are Rico Gloves Good?

One of the most popular gloves in the market is the Rico glove. Reviews about the product have proven as much. Customers rave about the comfort and control the high-quality leather provides. The weight of the glove also allows the wearer to move his wrist around freely and with little resistance.

Do Rico Sell Standard Gloves?

While Rico allows you to customize a baseball glove, they also still sell standard high-quality gloves. These are crafted with the same leather-like that of Rico custom gloves, however, they are designed to be fit for all. Different series of limited edition standard gloves are also often put on sale, which has allowed plenty of customers to cop top-quality Rico gloves for a cheap price.

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Advantages of Rico Gloves

When choosing what sporting goods to buy, it is essential to check what brand and model would suit you best. There are several benefits to opting for top-quality equipment, such as a Rico glove. Review the advantages below:


The fit of the glove to the hand is one of the factors you must consider when shopping for one. Because a customized glove can be tailor-made for the player, Rico custom gloves definitely have an advantage over other choices. With the right size and fit, the glove would feel snug on the hand and avoid slipping during play.


One of the reasons Rico gloves reviews have been stellar is due to the availability of various styles. Currently, Rico gloves are usually made in three different series that comes in three different leather qualities.

These are the Prime series, which is made from tumbled cowhide leather, Star series, which is made from smooth premium cowhide leather, and Ultra series, which is made from the tanned steer hide leather. The Select and Ultra series is a professional player in grade quality.

There is also a fourth order option, the Select series, wherein you can ask the material of the custom gloves to be made of Maruhashi Japanese tanned steer hide leather.

Furthermore, Rico softball gloves can also be made to order. The Rico softball glove can be derived from any of these series of custom gloves. All these glove varieties undergo a thorough inspection and checking by a former pro player to ensure the gloves’ high quality.

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Customized Orders

Another competitive advantage this brand offers is the Rico gloves customizer, where you can freely decide on whether the glove is right-handed or left-handed, what position (baseman, fielder, or catcher), and the size. The customizer also allows you to choose which web style you prefer.


The color of individual leather parts of the custom gloves can be modified as well. These include the palm, web, back, thumb, pinkie, finger pad, wrist, laces, welting, and binding. This much attention to detail has contributed to the positive Rico baseball gloves reviews.


For those who wish to represent their nation, the Rico custom gloves can also be attached with a flag patch for a minimal cost. The customer can also have a name stitched on the glove.

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Should You Buy Rico Gloves?

Several players have shown appreciation for the comfortability and durability of the glove. The control and freedom of movement the gloves offer also make the users feel like a pro on the field. Deciding on what glove to buy boils down to one’s preference. But choosing to buy Rico gloves would be a wise decision as it is able to improve its wearer’s performance greatly.

For the youth, it is recommended to choose any of the Prime and Star series. The premium cowhide leather used to craft the gloves offer a soft feel for the wearer, while still having sufficient durability. These series can be stiff at first and require a short break-in period.

For the pro, college, and elite players, however, the Ultra series is the most ideal of the three because of its use of high-end and finest steer hide leather. The leather allows the glove to have a tighter grain strength, increased durability, and moisture-wicking capability.


Where are Rico baseball gloves made?

Rico gloves are handcrafted in Mexico and are shipped by USPS priority with signature confirmation to ensure the gloves are received by the right customer.

How long does it take to get a Rico glove?

Processing and shipping of orders typically take six to eight weeks.


Wearing the right equipment is essential when playing baseball. Not only does it provide the necessary protection and comfort for the player, but it can also maximize performance and make the playing experience more enjoyable. The high-quality Rico gloves provide those while also giving you the freedom to design the glove to your liking.

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